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Dear Creative Soul,


Once upon a time, I found myself sitting outside with acrylics, brushes, a canvas, and palette all set up for me to paint. But something was different this time - I didn't feel inspired to paint like usual. I felt a heaviness in my heart. I was battling through a depression I had not yet acknowledged.


The Pandemic was in full swing and my beloved business of 15 years seemed to be crumbling before my eyes. For years, I provided holistic art services to elders living in nursing homes. But now, the world was at a standstill, and everyone was keeping their distance, 6ft apart.

Lost in my thoughts, I wondered...


What will happen to my business? How will I manage to cover my expenses? I was devastated! 


But, I soaked up my tears and began to pour out my stress onto the canvas. Bold brush strokes of red, yellow, and green formed a colorful headdress of a woman. The headdress was adorned with the affirmation, "I Am BOLD, BLACK, BEAUTIFUL, and BLESSED." This symbolized her strength and beauty.


Little did I know that this painting would be the turning point in my life.…


I snapped a quick picture of the painting and post it on social media, hoping to inspire and uplift others during this challenging time. Comments poured in, and one in particular caught my eye – a request to purchase the design as a t-shirt. Soon after that, another request followed. The idea of showcasing my art on clothing had never crossed my mind before. Deep down I couldn't help but wonder if my artwork was even worthy.


And so, the journey panned out like this…


I followed my heart and made the decision to move forward with the idea that came to mind. At the time, I didn't realize that the painting I created would be the foundation for Off the Canvas Collection. But, looking back on the journey, I am so grateful for the blessings it has brought into my life.


The message I want to  share with you is this...


Many creatives, including myself, often find ourselves downplaying our creative side in order to fit in with others. We fear being judged or criticized for daring to dream big and desiring more in life. We worry about others perceiving us as weird, different, or eccentric -- all labels that make us feel less of a person and more of a misfit. However, the truth is...


We are not meant to fit in! We are meant to shine bright and not dim our light. Our self-worth does not come from fitting in. It comes from being true to ourselves, Creative Soul!

The message I want to shout from the rooftops is this...


Stand in your CREATIVE POWER! Your self-expression is a gift that should be celebrated and shared with the world out loud! Share your voice, your unique perspectives and creative style, without hesitation.


You have the right to stand out from the crowd, unapologetically!

The movement that has grown from this is... "BE Bold, Unique, & Confident."


This is our love letter to all the creatives, misfits, and high-achievers, like you who want to wear statement pieces that complement their unique sense of style, personality, and vibrant spirit.


Because fashion is not just about what we wear; it's an outer expression of who we are at our very core.


I believe together, without a doubt, we have the power to make the world a much more vibrant, and harmonious place to be, one magnificent masterpiece at a time! We can honor our true selves, while inspiring others to do the same, too.


Much Love,


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