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meet the fashion artist

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Sherita T. Sparrow, is the Fashion Artist behind Off the Canvas Collection. She is a native of Wilmington, Delaware where her love for art has been a part of her life since she was just five years old. Sherita earned a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Art from Towson University and a Graphic Design Degree from Delaware College of Art & Design.

Driven by her passion for using art as a means of healing, Sherita founded The Feather's Touch, LLC in 2003, a holistic art company that enhance the quality of life of elders living in nursing homes. Then
in 2020, Sherita established Off the Canvas Collection, a luxury fashion brand with the purpose of empowering others to live fully expressed in their creativity.

Off the Canvas Collection is unique in that, unlike others, each piece is more than just clothing and footwear. They are works of art! Sherita carefully crafts and curates the collection, using designs from her original artwork.

When you wear Off the Canvas Collection, it's undeniable that you'll stand out. Whether you're at work or at play, you'll be the center of attention and be appreciated for your unique sense of style.

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